About Us


Our Philosophy :

We believe that every child is unique and has inborn talents. The role of the school is to help the child discover and develop her talents by focusing individually on her and not in a “mass production manner”.

Our Values:

We stand for these values and we try to inculcate the same in every child.

Hard work :

Hard work is a pre-requisite for any any success. It should be values and respected and not looked upon as a drudgery.

Courage :

To stand for one’s beliefs, to speak out against what one believes is wrong, and defend what one believes is true. One man with courage is majority.

Dignity of labor:

To recognise that there is dignity associated with all kinds of work and each profession must be respected.

Owning responsibility for one’s actions:

TO learn not to blame others for what befalls us, we and we alone have the power to mould our destiny.

Excellence/Quality :

To do one’s job with a sense of quality, to demand and accept nothing but the best, to ensure that one’s work meets the highest standards, every time.

Equanimity and balance :

To maintain one’s balance through the ups and downs of life, to recognise that no failure is permanent and neither is nay success.

Self respect and respect for others :

It is important that every individual has a  sense of self-worth, and shows a similar respect to wards others also .

Optimistic,enthusiastic :

Enthusiasm and positive mind are powerful tonics that help people to achieve much more than mere talent or ability.

Serving others :

The spirit of service, helping others and giving back to the society are necessary in today’s fast -moving world.

Respect for elders :

This is ancient Indian tradition, like the young the aged need special care and respect.

Environmentally sensitive :

It is important to recognise our place and part within our environment. We need to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Full Public Disclosure