The role of the school is to help the child discover and develop his/her inborn talents by focusing “individually on his/her” and not in a mass production manner.


We have an integrated curriculum where academics and co-curricular activities are given equal importance.

  • NCERT Curriculum  is following for all  Classes 
  • Literature units focus on English language skills, reading skills, communication skills and writing skills.Activities like Role play, Drama,Elocution,Quiz,Poem recitation,Story Narration,Creative writing,Group discussion,Spell Bee,Dictation,Say with a Poster
  • Library facility cultivates reading as a hobby.Apart from lending and reading books it also offers activities like Readers Week,Just a Minute Speech,Bookmark Designing,creative story telling and creative story writing
  • Art Excel focus on soft skills,body & mind fitness,self awareness.Activities include Yoga,meditation,field trips are conducted.
  • Sports & Games focus on mental & physical fitness and team spirit.Activities include Kho Kho,Basket ball,Throw ball,Volleyball,Free play,Dodge ball,Physical Training,Indoor games
  • Kalakshetra focus on spatial awareness,imagination,collaboration.Activities include Sanskrit slokas,Vemana/Sumati Satakalu,Folk music/non classical,Folk dance,Western dance
  • Arts & Crafts focus on hand and eye coordination,concentration,eye for detail,creativity and stability.Activities include Drawing,Painting,Origami,Craft works